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About us

City Housing and Municipal Services Company (GSKG) was established as a public company by virtue of the Decision of the Zagreb City Assembly of December 1990. However, only upon harmonization of general acts in February 1996 was it officially registered under the name City Housing and Municipal Services Company Ltd. At the end of 2005, it was renamed to Subsidiary GSKG, operating within Zagreb Holding Ltd. As of November 2013, it started operating as a company again.

Even though management of residential and commercial buildings is our primary business activity, we perform a number of other tasks within the scope of our work. One of such tasks is maintaining one of the landmarks of the City of Zagreb – Grič cannon – whose firing at noon marks the beginning of the second half of the day. In addition, within the scope of utility services, we are responsible for cleaning the public passageways, pedestrian underpasses, fountains, public toilets, etc.