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Company’s business activity - Management

Beauty and functionality of buildings depend on the manner of their management and maintenance. We have a twenty-five-year long experience in this field, and, for us, satisfaction of our customers represents an encouragement to become even more successful in the task of building a better quality of life in Zagreb.

City Housing and Municipal Services Company Ltd. (GSKG), thanks to the quality and size of its services, has taken up a leading position among building managers, not only on the level of the city of Zagreb, but also of entire Croatia. This is corroborated by data according to which we manage around 80% of housing facilities in the City of Zagreb, or approx. 173,000 residential and business premises, covering a total area of around 10,000,000 m2.

In order to provide a service of the highest possible quality and promptness, we have organized our business operations through the registered office of the Company (Savska cesta 1) and 12 branch offices located throughout the city.
By concluding agreements, we provide coproprietors with a possibility to define their own management program, control the work of the building manager, freely inspect the manner in which funds are being spent and to solve other problems in connection with the functioning of building.

Apart from quality and diversity of our services, our business success is based on the following:
  • implementation of the highest technical, legal and financial standards of management
  • expertise and experience of our employees in all segments
  • hiring specialized contractors
  • aligning work with the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008…

Coproprietors are offered legal, technical and financial help, emergency repairs (every day from 0 to 24). Of course, this represents only one part of our services, since we consider that diversity of services guarantees a successful cooperation. It is precisely because of this, that we launched a series of additional programs (for example: Program for Facade Renovation, Program for Boiler Room Renovation, Program for Elevator Harmonisation Pursuant to Regulations and alike)

In addition, for buildings in need of major repairs, coproprietors are offered a possibility to finance these investments through loans available with payment terms from 5 to 15 years, at favourable interest rates. Moreover, we would also like to recall that certain projects, such as the Program for Facade Renovation, are co-financed by the City of Zagreb.

It is important to mention that for this type of projects, as well as for all other projects, we select those contractors that, on the basis of bids and level of quality offered, meet our criteria.

It is precisely thanks to these efforts that, during the course of the past several years, our city, has gone through a positive change and become a better place to live in, but it has also become one of the most important destination for many tourists. However, to achieve this, a lot of effort is required, including considerable financial means, as well as mutual cooperation of all stakeholders – building managers and coproprietors, state and city institutions as well as that of professionals in the field. We shall strive to justify the trust placed in us and fulfil all expectations of users of our services and pay attention to their interests as well as increasing the value of their property.