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Legal and General Affairs Sector

Offering legal and professional aid for concluding coproprietor agreements and management agreements, representing coproprietors before courts of law and other public authorities, aid for establishing and resolving property relations and registration into land register… These are only some of the services that we offer to coproprietors within our Legal and General Affairs Sector. Because of the amount and diversity of our duties, and considering our wish to provide users of our services, in a quick manner of high quality, with all the necessary information, the Sector consists of:
  • Legal Affairs Department
  • Contracting and Marketing Department
  • Building Apportionment Department
  • Personnel and General Affairs Department

Director of Legal and General Affairs Sector
Andrea Markešić, dipl. iur.
Tel.  (+385 1) 45 65 838
Fax  48 29 117